Olly is a composer and saxophonist.

He works with the act of composition

as the construction and subsequent
exploration of delimited
musical situations.


He plays baritone saxophone in Knifeworld,  
A Sweet Niche, and is completing a PhD in

music composition with Matthew Shlomowitz
Michael Finnissy.

Written for Line Upon Line percussion ensemble. Part of a series of short films:

1½ minute virtual quartets by and with composers.


List of works

Alias States

[for piano and

electric drumkit]


[for solo violin, live electronics, DMX light]

Mikrophonie III

[for three percussionists,

live electronics and video]

Partial Arenas

[for four electric guitarists,

and live electronics]


[for solo electric hexaphonic

guitar and six amplifiers]


[for solo tuba, live electronics

and surround sound speakers]

Mikrophonie III for website.jpg

Written for Line Upon Line percussion ensemble. Part of the Line Upon Line Winter Festival. 
Filmed in Austin, Texas on the 12th January, 2019. 

Zwerm Electric Guitar Quartet

Written for ZWERM electric guitar quartet. 
Filmed at a workshop at City 
University in April 2018.

Candela Website Image.jpg


Written for Mira Benjamin.
Filmed at a workshop in the University of Southampton in March 2019.

Nara - Olly Sellwood


Written for Ben Jameson.
Filmed in London in July 2017.
Sound recorded by Grant Leslie.

Olly Sellwood - Uyuni

Written for Olly Coates.
Filmed at a workshop in the University of Southampton in June 2017.

Kolmanskop - Olly Sellwood


Written for Alex Glyde-Bates.
Filmed in London in July 2018.
Sound recorded by Grant Leslie

Diminished Returns - Olly Sellwood


Written for Ensemble Fractales.
Recorded in Brussels.



Written for Håkon Stene
Recorded at a workshop at 
the University of Southampton on the 1st July 2015.

Ensemble Paramirabo


Written for Ensemble Paramirabo.
Recorded at a workshop at the University of
Southampton in October 2016.

The Vortex, Dalston


Filmed in London at The Vortex on the 23rd January 2011.
Sound recorded by Keir Cooper

An Allegory with Venus & Cupid


Winner of the Graham Fitkin award. 

Written for the London Chamber Orchestra.

Recorded at The National Gallery, London on the 5th June 2009.